Chumps, Sparrows, The Challenged, Zombie Fight
Wednesday, September 5 at 8:00pm at Brooklyn Fireproof


We met in New York, but geography has nothing to do with what we are. It's a never ending belligerent argument between ‘Fun House' style sex-grooves, chromatic guitar riffage and Freddie Mercury on some bad acid. There's no good in our world, only brainwashing Scientologists, unholy raptures, brutal pimps, cheap prostitutes, blood eating rats, and bastard cops. Our record is available on most archaic formats from Forge Records, lossless from this here webpage, and on crappy mp3 through the likes of itunes and such. Recording was done by Andrew Schneider and his awesome dog Brady at Translator Audio.

Press shit - go to forgerecords.com press kits.